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Based on 19 US residents, 3 in UK and Australia. This entry was posted in Medical and Scientific Aspects of Alien Abduction by eve. Anyone, or group who goes to my web site to partake in reading the information can not use abduction 1 sex game to harm anyone or anything, or use it in any way whatsoever for purposes of deception, harm or any agreements of entrapment or snares of any kind.

I hold this to be in effect on all levels and dimensions of time. Let it be known, I do not consent to any agreement of entrapment that bears intention to deceive, misinform, manipulate, exploit, control, steal, harvest, seduce, harm or negatively influence my being, in mind, soul, spirit, body and physical place of habitation, business, website or published works in any way across all levels, dimensions and time, whether they are fabricated linear or synthetic creations or times on all levels and dimensions. Spirit’s truth within without limitation as a Creator as integrated mind, soul and spirit of original Primordial consciousness. Let it be known that by my choice to NOT CONSENT to any agreement of entrapment on any level, on all levels, across all dimensions and for all time, it is in effect now and forevermore. I HOLD THIS TO BE IN EFFECT IMMEDIATELY ON ALL LEVELS AND ALL DIMENSIONS OF TIME AND SPACE, PAST PRESENT AND FOR THE FUTURE CYCLES OF TIME. I do not offer legal, medical, psychiatric or clinical psychological diagnosis and therefore am not liable for any claims against such.

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The only time I have a problem with it is when he doesn’t do an original make without the dick. As much as I love your stuff super mutants don’t have gentitalia at all. They do have dicks, but they are sterile. Keep it up, I love it man! Is there a proper way to ask Vault Meat to play with my tunnel snake?

You have some great sexy work ! I thought I recognized those textures. Hey shad any chance if any feet? Ya know, I always wondered why Piper and Cait LOVE it when you pick locks, but then it hit me. Will you do some Casca from Berserk someday ?

Um can u pls do a drawing of vault meat where u can see both her tits and pussy? You should make a picture of Fahrenheit and Vault Meat. Shad, there needs to be more traps! I’ve got a craving for some boy pussy. Have you seen this one yet? So, in your last stream on twitch, you said that it is confirmed that Vault meat, indeed, has autism. That would explain a lot of stuff.

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