Afraid sex

All phobias are by definition irrational. You were not born with a phobia—it had to be ‘conditioned’ into you. The fear of stickers is a little-recognised phobia that affects countless numbers of people all over the world. Like all phobias, afraid sex is essentially an anxiety disorder.

Simply put, those with this particular phobia experience varying degrees of anxiety when faced with stickers or sticky labels—whether those stickers are attached to fruit such as apples, bananas or kiwis, on plastic items, household appliances or on clothing, it makes little difference. This is a phobia that can make even the most courageous person shiver with fear. Perhaps the main reason that this particular phobia is so little acknowledged is because people suffering from this irrational fear have often developed a sense of abnormality or shame, wrongly believing that only they have this particular issue. Because of this, those who are afraid of stickers or of sticky labels often feel foolish, becoming reluctant to talk about it to others and so it remains largely hidden. Indeed, in my clinical practice I have treated only a handful of people for this particular phobia. Most were clients who had been successfully treated for other conditions and who mentioned, almost in passing, that they also suffered from the fear of stickers. Once disclosed, however, it is a relatively simple procedure to effectively and permanently remove this phobia.

The real problem, of course, is that most of those suffering from the fear of stickers simply do not know that effective treatment is available. Symptoms of a sticker phobia are similar to those of other phobias: increased heart rate, palpitations, dry mouth, shortness of breath and even feelings of dizziness or nausea when exposed to the rationally benign stimulus of stickers or sticky labels. This can happen in such places as shops and supermarkets, concerts, or anywhere else where there are stickers. So hidden is this phobia that when I began treating it, there appeared to be no commonly accepted name for the fear of stickers or of sticky labels.

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