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It’s optimized for Google Chrome for faster browsing! All persons depicted here in were at least 18 years old at the moment of the footage in compliance with 18 U. Sex has fascinated mankind from the very beginning. While most conservatives argue that sex has become too central in today’s liberal-minded society, a far cry from the pious nature of our ancient forebears, some of the sexual practices of the ancients were too bizarre even for our modern standards.

The ancient pre-Islamic Arabs were into a strange custom known as wife lending. This custom was not merely for gaining political or economic leverage—it served as an early form of eugenics. Lending one’s wife was pretty straightforward: The husband would simply send her to the home of the chosen man, where she would stay until she got pregnant, whether it took days or months. However, in order for the husband to claim that the child born from the union was his, he must abstain from sex during the time his wife lived with the other man. If the husband was able to contain himself during that time, the child was considered his in the eyes of the community.

Pederasty was big in ancient Greece. In a time when universities and schools were not yet thought of, tutoring by way of pederasty was the primary form of educating the youth and passing on important manly skills, like hunting and warfare. For the ancient Cretans, however, pederasty was less academic and more along the lines of pseudo-rape, kidnapping, and a romantic camping getaway. Since the Greeks, especially the Cretans, were heavily into theater, the courtship phase of the whole affair was highly ritualized, and any deviation from it was strongly condemned. It was common practice to have the boy’s friend come along as well. The time away from civilization was spent in masculine pursuits like hunting, feasting, fishing, and sex.

Upon their return, the eromenos was then presented by his erastes with expensive gifts, which usually included a soldier’s uniform, oxen, a drinking cup, and fine clothes. A sacrifice to Zeus with the gifted ox was required, followed by a feast for family, friends, and all those who took part in the kidnapping ceremony. After this was done, the boy became a parastathentes and was given great honors by society. Of all the substances in the body, the one that is said to contain the most jing is the semen. This belief led the ancient practitioners of Taoism to believe that a man should not lose too much of his semen.

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