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Therefore you do not see the optimal full graphics autosomal sex linked this page! The following categories of defect are frequently used to describe feline genetic anomalies. As with all things, there will be different opinions as to which category a particular defect is assigned to. The definitions used here are those in current usage by cat breeders and veterinarians.

Non-lethal, non-cosmetic, but difficult or impossible to control with medicine or surgery at the current state of knowledge. Cosmetic, but cat can live healthy life without surgery or medical treatment, but with some limitations e. In genetics-speak, mutations are often referred to as “defects” as they are different from normal. Since one person’s defect is another person’s breed trait, the term “anomaly” is preferred by breeders. Purebreds have a higher incidence of inbreeding than random-bred cats hence recessive genes are more likely to be expressed. Breeders of purebreds have a vested interest in eliminating damaging genetic conditions and perpetuating desirable anomalies and are therefore more likely to contribute data about genetic anomalies, particularly where the same anomaly appears several times. When cats are bred for appearance, disease-causing genes risk being overlooked until the gene becomes sufficiently widespread that numerous cases of the genetic ailment appear in that breed.

This has happened in the Singapura which has inherited pyruvate kinase deficiency from its Abyssinian ancestor. Gene Pool Size: if the gene pool because highly inbred, problem genes can become widespread. New blood may invigorate the gene pool, but the recessive gene will still be there and may still manifest if closely related cats are bred together. Medical advances means currently lethal defects might become treatable in the future e.

PKD might be mitigated through kidney transplant. The March 1995 draft of the “European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals” potentially bans abnormal or defective breeds and sets down, in legal terms, definitions of abnormal and defective. Genes on the X and Y sex-chromosomes are the exception and are not inherited in pairs. Heterozygous: 1 copy of the gene has been inherited. Type: Autosomal dominant, semi-lethal, considered cosmetic. Achondroplastic dwarfism results in short legs and enlarged head.

Pseudoachondroplasia results in short limbs, but normal head proportions. The Munchkin mutation is often termed achondroplasia, but the head size is normal indicating pseudachondroplasia. Siamese cats are 3-8 times more likely to suffer from these growths compared to domestic shorthairs. Part of the colourpoint series of genes, pink-eyed albino is the most recessive of the albino alleles. Associated with photosensitivity and poor immune system.

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