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This thoughtful, fact-based drama from director Jonathan Kaplan was based on a real-barbara hershey sex scenes incident of a 1983 rape. It provided a provocative look at how the justice system treated victims who were often seen as worthy of blame.

Jodie Foster in an Oscar-winning role portrayed Sarah Tobias, a sexily-dressed, drunk, working-class patron in The Mill, a seedy roadside bar. Fourth and one, my man, stick ’em! Pump that little f–kin’ college ass! Danny pulled down her top and began to kiss her nipples, while pinning her down on the glass atop a pinball machine titled: “Slamdunk.

She was further humiliated when he began to have intercourse, against her wishes. And then she was held down and brutally gang-raped by others. Later, she was unfairly accused of enticing her attackers: “Raped? She f–ked a bar full of guys then she turns round and blames them for it? This late 80s violent action film from director Craig R. Baxley was a formulaic throw-back to 70’s blacksploitation films.

It featured Carl Weathers in the title role as Detroit cop Sgt. Formerly, he was a Lieutenant, but demoted to Sergeant in a botched case. Jackson’s ‘unnecessary roughness’ embarrassed the Detroit police department. Sydney was a needy addict, exchanging sex for drugs with corrupt industrialist Dellaplane – he provided her with a shiny hypodermic needle filled with heroin, as she laid back topless, and he told her: “Sweet dreams, baby.

In part, Sydney also served as Jackson’s ‘unlikely buddy’ during a few car rides and chase scenes. After showing her nudity in a steam room, Patrice became her husband’s bloody murder victim for speaking to Jackson. As she hugged and kissed her husband, he reassured her: “I’d never do anything to harm you, baby. But then she was killed at point blank range during mid-kiss. He laid her bloody body back on the bed, removed her expensive diamond ring, and calmly lit up a cigarette.

The investigating police officer commented on Patrice’s bloody body: “Women this beautiful don’t come around too often. I’ve always got to see ’em like this. One of the most breathtakingly romantic and sensual entrances — showcasing erotic, innocent femininity — was the scene of the entrance of Venus in director Terry Gilliam’s fantasy-adventure film. The live-action recreation paid homage to the famous The Birth of Venus painting of 1482 by Sandro Botticelli. In the scene, a giant closed clamshell was slowly brought up from a watery pool by two angels. Her long tresses and left hand covered her crotch and one arm covered her breasts.

Hello” – the two angels then flew to her and wrapped her in pinkish silk to form her new dress. One scene depicted the brutal attempted rape of Tetsuo’s girlfriend Kaori by a biker gang in Neo-Tokyo in the year 2019. The original 1956 French film featuring starlet Brigitte Bardot was remade over thirty years later with much more nudity and a completely different story, again by director Roger Vadim. It was the director’s final film – and a huge failure. Many of the explicit sex scenes were cut to create the R-rated version. She seduced him by removing his toolbelt before having sex with him up against a wall.

Afterwards, she introduced herself as: “The right girl in the wrong place. 5,000 if he would marry her. He agreed, and they were promptly married during an in-prison ceremony. She met up again with Tiernan, who was using Robin as a poster child for successful prison reform during his campaign. She reconciled with Billy and resumed sexual relations with him during his restoration work at the Randall Davey Museum. Both of them were caught in a sexual position by surprised tourists, who took their picture and distributed the two Polaroid photos. She was threatened with having her parole revoked and being returned to prison.

However, all was resolved when Robin publically praised Tiernan and received his support, and she happily accepted her married role with Billy – now sharing a marital bed. In one striking scene, aging veteran, romantic-minded, minor league catcher “Crash” confronted the bold affections of part-time junior-college English teacher and sexually-seductive baseball groupie Annie Savoy. Well, I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman’s back, the hangin’ curveball, high fiber, good Scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, over-rated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

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