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25 years after the release of Basic Instinct, Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven is still courting controversy and dividing audiences as masterfully as he did in 1992. Basic Instinct in that it features a dangerous but fascinating female protagonist playing games with people. Now, references to Verhoeven are so ingrained in the cultural canon that it’s easy to forget which ones he’s responsible for. The film is best known for one scene that even those among us who’ve never heard of Verhoeven will have seen reiterated across all areas of TV, perhaps most basic instinct sex in Girls: the leg uncross.

To reduce the interrogation scene, let alone the entire film, to a potential flash of fanny is to do Sharon Stone a disservice. The entirety of the scene, which runs for a full five minutes, is a masterclass from Verhoeven on building tension, and one from Stone on well and truly establishing her character. After a false start in which officers believe they’ve found Catherine only to learn it’s actually her girlfriend, they go to her San Francisco beach house. The entire scene, through to when they head inside and Catherine gets changed in full view of Nick, is all about her establishing dominance and proving just how unflappable she is. This goes on for a little while, until the woman pulls out an icepick and stabs the man in the neck to the sounds of a very melodramatic score by the revered composer Jerry Goldsmith. The man’s screams are exaggerated in a way that’s usually reserved for the women of horror, which is fitting considering Basic Instinct’s intended subversion of gender roles.

The whole scene is a very promising sign of all the camp, bloody, sexy stuff that’s to come. The only truly great thing about Basic Instinct that doesn’t come directly from Sharon Stone is the back-and-forth power play. The film and Verhoeven have been accused of being sloppy, and perhaps that’s fair, but it’s watertight where it counts. He claims unpredictability and tries to retain a shred of masculinity, but Catherine mocks his home. This changes when he shows up at her house to find her printing the final copy of her book about him.

As the pages print he sees that his character dies at the end, something that he should have expected all along. Nick Curran, inspecteur de police à San Francisco, enquête sur le meurtre d’une star du rock, Johnny Boz, tué de trente et un coups de pic à glace par une inconnue alors qu’il faisait l’amour. Nick apprend que le chanteur fréquentait Catherine Tramell, riche et brillante romanciere. Basic Instinct, un thriller érotique aussi excitant qu’imprévisible. Votre avis sur Basic Instinct ?

Ce film au parfum de scandale a catapulté cette superbe blonde, aperçue dans Allan Quatermain et les mines du roi Salomon et Total recall, au rang de star hollywoodienne et de sex symbol international. Paul Verhoeven a 80 ans ! Celui qu’on surnomme le “Hollandais violent” vient de souffler ses quatre-vingt bougies ! Est-ce que tu as vu “La chair et le sang” ou “Starship Troopers” de Verhoeven ? Ces deux là valent un coup d’oeil. Je n’ai pas encore vu tous les films de Verhoeven. Black Book” est effectivement génial mais je suis tout-à-fait d’accord que “Basic Instinct” est un excellent film avec une ambiance mystérieuse comme on en voit peu.

Voilà ce que j’ai lâché après deux heures de stress et d’incertitude magistralement mis en place. Un Michael Douglas et une Sharon Stone dans leur meilleur rôle, une des meilleurs BO de Jerry Goldsmith et un scénario qui brille par son efficacité et son traitement. Le meilleur film de Paul Verhoeven érotiquement parlant ! Tant par les interprétations de Michael Douglas et de Sharon Stone que par l’histoire, la musique, la mise en scène et la tension.

Analyse de 3 scènes majeures pour mieux comprendre le travail de Paul Verhoeven, et en bonus une infographie ! Un bijou, je suis extrêmement fan ! Un petit détournement d’une scène, ça pique ! Michael Douglas et Sharon Stone au top ! Un bon film ou le suspense va jusqu’à la dernière seconde du film !

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