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The patent applications database, which contains all granted and non-granted applications, is also available upon request. This work was created through a government contract funded by the Office of Chief Economist in the US Patent and Trademark Office. Users are free to use, share, or adapt the material for any purpose, subject to the standards of the Creative Commons Attribution 4. Data are then fed into the inventor disambiguation algorithm in order to identify clusters of inventor names that are determined to be the same individual.

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Ariana is a sweet 18 year old getting ready to go to Beauty School to pursue her dreams of becoming a hair stylist in LA. She came across my ad for a FREE massage and thought it would be a fun thing to try. For the fictional estate, see Manderley. For the Burmese city, see Mandalay. The staging is very similar to Dogville. The film was shot on a sparsely dressed sound stage. Set in 1933, the film takes up the story of Grace and her father after burning the town of Dogville at the end of the previous film.

Grace and her father travel in convoy with a number of gunmen through rural Alabama where they stop briefly outside a plantation called Manderlay. As the gangsters converse, a black woman emerges from Manderlay’s front gates complaining that someone is about to be whipped for stealing a bottle of wine. Grace enters the plantation and learns that within it, slavery persists, roughly 70 years after the American Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation. The principal seven divisions are each populated by a single adult slave at Manderlay, who congregate daily and converse on a “parade ground,” with Roman numerals of the numbers 1 through 7 designating where each slave stands.

Mam’s Law” contains further provisions against the use of cash by slaves, or the felling of trees on the property for timber. All of this information disgusts Grace and inspires her to take charge of the plantation in order to punish the slave owners and prepare the slaves for life as free individuals. However, as the film progresses, Grace fails to embed these principles in Manderlay’s community in a form she considers satisfactory. Furthermore, her suggestions for improving the conditions of the community backfire on several occasions, such as using the surrounding trees for timber, which leaves the crops vulnerable to dust storms.

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