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A number of toys require a cage size big enough for the biggest sex toy store and the guinea pig — another reason to make sure you have a big enough cage for your cavy! The following items are more important than toys. Once you have these items covered to the best of your ability or situation, then be creative with simple and safe toys.

A BIGGER CAGEĀ  Guinea pigs love to run around, chase each other and play little games between themselves. If your cage is not big enough, then a larger cage should be your top priority! FRESH HAY and LOTS of it! If you just keep your hay in a hay manger or hay rack, try putting a big clump of hay in the cage, especially if it is fresh, green, great smelling hay!

If so, then consider adding a little toy variety to their life. Just be aware that most guinea pigs will pretty much ignore most ‘toys. That’s why the above list is so important. Some have caused serious damage with vet care required. Cut up or fold larger bath size towels. Be sure to cut off any hanging threads. Towel tents in the corner make a great hidey hole that can be washed and don’t take up too much room.

You can just loop the towel through cage wires on the corner and secure with a safety pin or two. We use binder clips to secure the towels. 3 work great securing the tent in a triangular fashion to the grids. Easy, inexpensive, fold and toss when dirty. Try folding them down, or cutting them down to fit better in the cage. Lay them on their side–cave style.

Be sure to cut off any handles. Or try stuffing a paper bag with hay. A toy and a hay rack in one! Shoe boxes, tissue boxes, empty soda carton boxes . Turn boxes upside down or sideways for a cave. If sideways with a bottom, throw in some bedding or hay for a soft hide-away. If upside down, cut out one or two entrance and escape holes.

Escape holes are good if you have more than one piggie. These are HUGE hits with the guinea pigs. Please see the Accessories page for details. They LOVE snuggling in their cozies. With a little ingenuity and craft skills, you can make your own versions of these items as well.

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