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The Popular Bollywood artist in India Mr. Aamir khan is one of the many inspiring celebrities who’ve truly diet of sex 2014 his time to workout and achieved the fitness goal in a short period. For the Hindi movie Ghajini, Aamir khan has devoted 9 months of time in the process of building his physique, losing weight etc. The main reason for his achievement is proper workout and diet.

The three most important things in Fitness are a healthy balanced diet, exercise and rest. Calculate how many calories you spend per day, calculate how many calories you need in order to lose weight or gain weight. Now the basic calculation is in order to lose weight, eat fewer calories than you spend. For example: if you spend around 2000 calories per day, then eat your food which amounts to 1800 calories in 24 hours. The calories that you intake must be divided into fat, carbohydrate and protein. Now once you divide and intake, that’s where balanced diet comes into place. Never go for low carbs or high protein.

Aamir khan workout diet had a balanced one. To rip off your body fat, you should intake proper balanced diet that should actually take out excess fat from your body and not the proteins which supposed to make you lose weight. So, a proper balanced diet is very important. In Aamir khan’s case, he is well guided by nutrition and the diet chart which is to be followed is prescribed according to his health condition. Each person diet chart may differ according to the body condition. If you don’t follow proper diet no matter how hard you workout you will not get the results that you want. Aamir khan diet plan Aamir khan diet for ghajini includes a balanced diet of both vegetarian and non-veg food items.

We heard from his personal trainer Satyajit Chaurasia that Water is very important part of the diet. One must drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day and between workouts you can drink lemon water. Drinking lemon water between workouts will help body to prevent soreness and muscle stiffness. It removes excess acids in the body.

All the diet which is mentioned below is not my assumption. Aamir khan himself has said in the interviews, blogs, videos etc. Your intake should be divided into 5 to 6 small parts. If you’re going to eat a lot at one time, it is of no use. Your body will take only limited amount of stuff and the rest is actually wasted.

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