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Your comment has been submitted for review. Zoo Porn The best zoo dog sex post on the net for extreme spectators. ANIMAL SEX STORIESAlmost every farm has a old dog around to protect the livestock when it gets dark.

Our farm was no exception and for my 10th birthday my mom had bought me a great golden retriever dog. By the time I was mature, so was he, we had grown up and matured together. We were the best of buddies and did just about everything together. Which brings me to one of our biggest common interests, ewe.

Don’t get your mind in the gutter, yet anyway. With an almost stupid boldness Boe had defended his girls from quite a few coyote, wild dogs, and the occasional skunk. He never failed, except maybe when it came to the skunks. It should come as no surprise then that Boe really loved our flock and cared for the girls as much as I did. It was late one summer evening that I found out just how much he shared this interest with me. Despite this, many of the ewes were demanding service. They would approach me and flag their tails, displaying their glowing red pussies swollen from heat and dripping thick juices.

Of course they had the energy for some fun, all they had to do was stand there. To deal with the heat I had set up some fans for my ladies. Inside the barn in one of the pens I had set up an extra fan, this was my room for fun. I also had a nice cot and a sling for special days, it allowed both me and my girls to be more comfortable.

The fan and comfy bed made it one of Boe’s favorite hangouts, he’s a smart dog lol. The barn oasis was the love shack, and the girls knew it. Those who were the horniest would go there any time they saw me in the area and try to flag me down with their lucious cunts for some fun, they were almost always they were successful. First come first serve in most cases. However, many days there were several girls eager to please some cock.

This evening for example there were three girls waiting and begging for some penetration, nudging at their rivals. Two of them were unbred females in full heat, your typical fare. They competed fiercely with one another. Any time one of them would get close to me and flag, the other would push her away and show her own goods with increased vigor. The third madam was a bit untypical though not unheard of. She was a horny mom of two kids in a couple stalls over.

Her kids a few months old were sleeping soundly and apparently mom wanted a bit of relaxation. I recognized her from her ear tag. During the off season when she’s unbred she’s something of a slut, that being a compliment, not an insult. She’s nearly insatiable and will head butt the other girls when its time to compete for fun. Her pussy, like all the girls in heat, swells and her clit grows, but for her its a beautiful transformation. Her clitoris grows to mammoth proportions, almost an inch long, jutting out from her labia. Today, she was less aggressive than when in heat but was just as eager.

The other girls seemed to step back and acknowledge her special needs and superior rank, so I figured I should follow suit. I scratch her rump and made loving eye contact with her, the sign we would be having some fun. She seemed to smile and pranced into the love stall. I could see her pussy was dripping and swollen, she was quite eager. What a slutty mom I thought. Then again, who knew I liked moms? We entered the stall to see Boe asleep on the cot.

He grumbled and moved out of the way. I sat down on the cot and began to finger her pussy a bit and see how enthusiastic she. She hunched her back legs down and backed up onto my fingers. I felt her pussy pulse in joy as she got comfy. Slowly I started to finger her slimy smelly pussy as she stood firm, her pussy responding with gentle pulses and ripples. A grin creased her face as her pussy began to drip even more.

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