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It’s ain’t Coca-Cola” Youth: “It’s racist! Where did that gravedigger from Tehran go? I imagine he’d be very pleased with this EP and touched by the tribute. Medicin Sans Frontiers, who provide medical care to human beings in dire circumstances in the most dangerous parts of the world. 23,000 Amerasian children and 67,000 of their next-of-kin were resettled in the United States.

18: “Thousands of Vietnamese, including offspring of U. 2, “Sipple Out Deh”–here’s the money quote: “Dub’s birth was accidental, its spread was fueled by economics, and it would become a diagram for hip-hop music. Of course, not everything on Understand What Black Is is a bleak reminder of America’s Original Sin. Biggie Smalls is remembered in “She Is. America’s Civil War continues to play out in the most grotesque ways, The Last Poets’ Understand What Black Is provides a host of reasons to be angry, inspired, hopeful, and aware. It’s the protest music that these times demand and good people need if a lasting change is ever going to come.

When was the last time Los Pies Negros played in the US mainland? Werner Rodríguez Del Toro: “The Chicago show came about when we were contacted by someone at a club called Reggies who wanted Los Pies Negros to play a ska festival there. After approximately a year of conversations, it became real. The last time that Los Pies Negros played in the US was in 1994, when we performed at the Skavoovie festival at NYC’s S. Spring Heeled Jack in New Haven Connecticut the following day.

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