Favorite sex positions

Women in control sex positions are the counterpoint of favorite sex positions with the man on top: there’s a reversal of roles which can turn sex into a sizzling session of orgasmic excitement. I’m just going to lie back and let you have me” feeling of being taken by his woman.

They are exciting sex positions, not just because they ring the changes, but because they do things no other position can do. Sure, there’s the role reversal we talked about above, but there’s much more to the popularity of woman on top sex than just its different flavor. For one thing, a woman who’s riding her man’s cock has the power to leanĀ and move into the positions that make his penis tickle her G-spot. She’s going to get much more pleasure from sex in this way: add in the fact that she can grind her clit against his body, and you have a recipe for a rapid climax – or at least ensuring her man knows how to make a woman come during sex. Now, if you’re a woman and you want to make a man fall in love with you, knowing all about the best sex positions and keeping your sex life exciting is essential.

We’d recommend the advice you can find here about how to make a man love you! This might not be everyone’s hottest shot, but for those women who have difficulty reaching orgasm from penetration, and who want the pleasure of throbbing around their man’s erection as they come, it’s no small deal. There’s another thing too: a woman’s sexuality, when aroused, is just as intense – if not more so – than a man’s, yet it rarely gets a chance to show itself in its full glory. So here’s the ideal position for a display of sheer wantonness, of intense female sensuality at its most overt – arousing, glorious celebration of female sexuality and female sexual power. I often wonder how much female sexual power depends on being attractive to a man. In which case, you may wish to consider using some kind of diet or fitness plan to improve your health and get slimmer. See the photo for more information.

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