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The female condom has a flexible ring at the closed end of the pouch, with a slightly larger ring at the open end. The smaller ring at the closed end keeps the female condom in place, whereas the larger ring rests female condom sex the vagina. The female condom keeps the vagina and cervix from coming in contact with the skin of the penis or with secretions from the penis. How effective is a female condom?

This means that 21 people out of every 100 will become pregnant during the first year of use. You may increase effectiveness by adding a Spermicidal foam, jelly, or cream in conjunction with the condom. What are the side effects or health risks of female condoms? Female condoms do not have any side effects except to individuals who are allergic to latex. The female condom does not have any effects on either the male or the female reproductive function. It is possible to get pregnant immediately if condoms are no longer used. How much does a female condom cost?

The cost of female condoms is higher than male condoms and both types are only used once. A condom is the only means of birth control that provides a significant reduction in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms help prevent the transmission of STDs by reducing the likelihood of partner exposure through genital contact or fluid secretions. The female condom has not been studied near as much as the male condom counterpart, but it provides similar properties.

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