First trimester sex drive

I don’t think you are a first trimester sex drive wife! I would chalk it up to hormones!

I love my hubby more than words can say but I tell ya what, I’m soo scared to have sex! I know that sounds silly but after 2 miscarriages, I’m afraid of anything going in there! I know at some point I’m going to have to give in! I think we have had sex twice since we found out 45 days agolol. I just don’t feel sexy so why would I want to be intimate. I’m sure my hormones also play a big role, don’t worry I hear it comes back in the second tri. We have had sex twice as well.

I’ve been nauseated since the 6th and got my bfp on the 7th. I’m now having full blown ms starting today. The whole motion of the ocean so to speak would just make me want to vomit more. I feel badly and I’ve explained it but he says not to worry and that he understands. TMI: I knew there was a reason I bought him a Fleshlight. The last time was when we started “trying”. My sex drive disappeared before I was pregnant TBH.

That said, we have never been closer as a couple so it doesnt bother us. You are definately not a bad wife! 1st tri, specially with all the nasea, fatigue and all those things. 2nd trimester u start getting ur drives back. NO you are not a bad wife.

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