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I said, loving how her hand rested on my knee. I couldn’t help but stare at futa sex stories own thighs, just a hint of my pearly futa-cum squeezed out between them as my seed leaked out of her snatch.

I still buzzed from her frantic passion as she fucked me on the couch during the commercial break. Our younger viewers would probably be shocked to learn that the U. FCC, would fine a broadcast company for showing anything inappropriate. I mean, saying shit or fuck or cunt could get them in trouble let alone hardcore sex. When I was young we had the Tina Turner boob incident. I’ve read about it, but I was too young for that one. Yep, during the Super Bowl halftime show, her costume ‘malfunctioned’ and her nipple was broadcast across the country.

It was such a huge deal. So imagine how the FCC freaked out when so much futa-sex was sent out over the national airwaves. A titter ran through the crowd. Becky couldn’t pull out her dick on live television back then when we still had live TV and didn’t just stream everything over the internet. So much had changed in thirty years. I think when she saw me sucking my own futa-dick, she couldn’t turn off the feed. She had to share it to the world.

And public opinion was on her side. Yes, you were already catching the imagination of younger women, but that game capitulated you to a whole new level of fame. I smiled, remembering how dazed I was when I got the call for the interview. Since they were on cable, well, they didn’t answer to the FCC like a broadcast channel, such as NBC, did. CNN saw an opportunity to make money, and they leaped on it. I arrived at the Channel 7 News studio in Seattle, they were hosting the interview, with my entourage of a few of my friends: Dona, my ex-boyfriend Kurt, Chris and his girlfriend Tiffany, and Hank.

They were the ones I was closest to at school. The ones who helped manage my crazy sex life. Shane, a stocky producer, told me when I arrived. Your friends can hang out with you in there and watch on the monitors.

I was still so bemused by how my antics had dominated the world for the last five days. It was the Thursday after the Husky game, and every pundit on every news show was talking about it. I had to shut down all my social media accounts. My Facebook and Twitter were just hammered. My phone almost melted from all the notifications. Some people claimed I broke the law while others were demanding that FCC fine me for millions of dollars.

But then others were demanding for the FCC to repeal their obscenity rules or claimed what I did wasn’t obscene at all. So when CNN reached out with me and offered me a live interview, to tell my own side of the story, I was so eager to take it. I could get out ahead of this. So I bred an entire squad of cheerleaders on live TV? That was just how it was with me. My pheromones put women into heat. They just had to be bred by me.

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