Gravitation sex

Dear Twitpic Community – gravitation sex you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. The moon’s attraction to the Earth keeps it in orbit.

La atracción de la Tierra sobre la Luna es lo que la mantiene en órbita. I don’t understand the attraction of horror movies. Joey feels a strong attraction to Ramona. Joey siente una fuerte atracción por Ramona.

The museum’s major attraction is its exhibit on prehistoric cave art. La principal atracción del museo es su exposición sobre arte rupestre prehistórico. The carnival has roller coasters and other attractions. La feria tiene montañas rusas y otras atracciones. La atracción principal del espectáculo fue la participación de la cantante. When they met they both sensed an instant mutual attraction. Cuando se conocieron sintieron una especie de atracción mutua.

She felt a sexual attraction towards the mysterious stranger. This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. El libro trata de la atracción sexual entre adultos y adolescentes. The ‘Big Banana’ is a tourist attraction in Australia. Puerto Madero en Buenos Aires se convirtió en una atracción turística. Newton was the scientist who proposed the law of universal attraction.

See Google Translate’s machine translation of ‘attraction’. Time, as scientists understand it, is particles in motion relative to each other. Scientists know about the rate of breakdown of uranium into lead, a very slow process that allows them to estimate the age of the earth to something like 4. Astrophysicists speak of matter that is relatively light in weight coming together to form heavier matter. They describe gravitation as a major force, black holes as concentrated centers of gravitational pull, a pull so great that not even light gets away, thus the blackness. Astrophysicists gather that the universe has been expanding.

The farthest object from us that we know of is a distance of about 10 billion light years. In other words, the light from this object that we see today left there 10 billion years ago. Getting more local, geologists claim that the sun and earth are around 4. 55 billion years old, and they describe the sun as moving around our galaxy at roughly 500,000 miles per hour. One revolution around the galaxy is said to take 200 million years. Dividing 4,550 by 200 makes 23 revolutions around our galaxy since the sun and earth formed. Geologists describe the earth as having come together gravitationally.

Hot and fluid energy was condensing into what we now see as the solids around us. The less dense matter, in the form of rocks, rose to the surface. And, as the earth gave off heat, its outer layers cooled, leaving Earth’s interior hot and molten. Gasses bubbled to the surface, eventually to become atmosphere.

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