How to clean for anal sex

I’how to clean for anal sex received lots of questions asking me how to have anal sex without hurting her. I’ve found that, like I was, many people are nervous and confused about anal sex.

So, I decided to write a brief recollection of my experience. It happened about 8 years ago. Although I’m still having anal sex, I don’t do it very often. It’s something I enjoy periodically, but it’s not something I HAVE to do. So every time I desire anal sex, I usually go through the same steps. So let’s get on with it. Here were the steps I took before engaging in my first anal sex, anal intercourse experience.

Take note that anal intercourse didn’t happen within the first few sessions. It actually took a few months before my boyfriend penetrated my ass with his cock. So that’s why patience is vital. It’s also a lot of fun working up to that point. Cleansing Before I get involved in any type of anal play or sex really, I make sure I’m clean as a whistle. When I’m clean, I feel more confident, sexier and more ready to get myself dirty. Cleansing usually consists of emptying my bowels, or at least trying.

Quite often during any kind of initial anal penetration, I feel like I have to move my bowels. After that, there’s taking a shower or bath no big deal. I make sure I soap myself up down there and I usually even stick one soaped up finger in my anus real quick and I know that I’m clean. Just make sure that you rinse yourself good. Leaving soap behind can be irritating to some. That’s the simplest way to clean up and get ready.

Some folks would rather give themselves an enema, which is much more involved. In fact an entire article can be written on that alone. The most important thing about enemas is to make sure you do it hours beforehand so that you’re totally emptied out by the time you play. Also, follow all instructions to a tee!

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