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So, what’s new with the new Toplists? The most obvious change is that you can now view the stories on the Literotica Toplists by the date that they were submitted. We get requests for this feature all of the time, and we’re happy to finally be rolling out a first version of it. There will be more improvements in the future, but for now you can see the top stories submitted in the last month, year, or all time. Another change is that we have added some story previews on the right side of the toplists. For readers, it will hopefully give you a way to discover interesting stories that you might not have otherwise clicked on. Behind the scenes, there are some more changes to the toplists as well, but more on that later.

Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone, and stay tuned for more Literotica updates very soon! I’m happy to announce that part of that work is coming to fruition with the launch of a new feature called Literotica Series. The idea behind the feature is to allow readers to find longer multi-part stories that they are interested in, and to give authors more control over multi-part stories that they’ve written. This BETA rollout is just the beginning. Eventually, authors will have full control over their Series, and we will roll out more related features like comments and voting on Series, Series contests, etc. This is the first step in a long term vision to give multi-part stories a bigger place on Literotica. If you have suggestions for the feature, please feel free to leave a comment here or post them on the Series feature announcement post on the Literotica forum.

Thanks for all of the ongoing comments and suggestions and more updates soon! The member search feature is now live. The categories are now displayed on the New Stories page, as requested by everyone. We’ve also got some more improvements coming to the main Literotica site. Enjoy your summer and check back soon! Let me know if you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvements.

Today’s new feature isn’t a huge one, but we think it’s a good one. You can probably guess what it’s for by the name, but I’ll explain it anyways, just to be annoying. There are many many authors on Literotica who submit stories or novels in parts, as they write them. So, they will submit chapter 1, then two weeks later chapter 2, then two years later chapter 105, etc. But all of that has changed, starting today! Literotica will now scan all stories by each author and try to determine if each story is part of an ongoing series. Here is an example of a story that is part of a long series.

We hope that this small new feature will be very helpful to readers when navigating the site. We also hope that it will help authors to get more readers following their longer ongoing works. We have more ideas to improve and expand the feature in the future. More on that, and other planned improvements, later. Take care and thanks for reading — and writing! The new design matches up more closely with the rest of the Literotica site.

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