Illuminati sex

The word elite reminds most people of a group of rich folk who entertain themselves with fancy parties and horse races. But it is something else entirely. Many power-hungry people mix with illuminati sex as well, such as Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffet, etc.

Together they control practically all power and money in the world. The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. This means that the world will only have one government that manages everything, and in which the citizens barely have any rights. The number of citizens is no longer allowed to be over 7 billion, as it is now, but 500 million at the most.

The illuminati have lost all respect for human life and are corrupt to the bone. The blood lines of the 13 families go as far back as the Sumerian era and they keep these lines as pure as possible by continually marrying among themselves. They also form the top of the most powerful organization in the world, the freemasonry. In the order of hierarchy we find the Jesuits and their leader, the so-called Black Pope, before the illuminati. Nothing on the monument mentions their dark nature, but of course they carefully keep this a secret. The origin of the illuminati is not human, but extraterrestrial. Because they master the art of shapeshifting, they presented themselves as normal humans, who accumulated more power and money every generation.

A reptilian is not bound to one human body. The 300 families surrounding the 13 core families nearly always have blood lines which are related to the Aryan main blood lines, because shapeshifting is more difficult with the blood of ‘hotchpotches’. They only show their true shape in places where there is no chance of being discovered, such as in the castles of their families, special divisions of underground cities, or during secret, satanic blood rituals and sex parties. Only a few people are openly in contact with them. Rothschild family – and reports to the supreme reptilian which is located somewhere deep under the ground, also nicknamed “The Beast”.

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