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All xxx free clips and images are property and copyright of their owners. Incest Porn Videos All rights reserved. And the production being released today is an addition to an older series, the Black Breeding Network. The first fan-fiction I wrote about Illustrated Interracial’s quirky black breeding news network was eventually made into a full-length comic on his site, and the artist was open to the idea of impregnation sex videos more of it someday.

This story is raceplay interracial material, so viewer discretion is advised. As usual, if you would like to support the Derren Grathy Patreon and enjoy works like these as they come out, follow the link and consider contributing to my writing efforts. Ever since I got married, I have wanted my husband to cheat on me. I can’t stop thinking about it. Thomas is so loyal and sweet, the kind of man who brings me flowers from his way back from work or kneels down to say hello to his little girl in my pregnant stomach. I’ve kept my fantasy from him for as long as I’ve known him. Only ever hinting at it when we watched some pornos together.

He’d get hard, and horny, watching the scenes I picked out for him of a wife looking on as her husband bangs some little tart on their marital bed. God it would make me gush! Of course, Thomas would always tell me such wonderful things in my ear when we made love after, claiming it just made him hotter than ever for me. But he’d always assure me, after blasting my pussy full of sperm or drenching my blushing face in it, that he’d never cheat on me.

In fact I knew he wouldn’t. He was a lover, not a predator. I’d seen him in class, fending off the thirsty college girls who just adored his boyish looks and sweet humor. The epitome of a prep chick, rich and beautiful sporting the latest high-fashion dresses and the silkiest platinum-blonde hair money could buy. She was the kind of girl who bullied me in high school, the kind of bitch who stole away my crushes and laughed about it to my face. They didn’t know how angry, or how hot, that got me.

Now June also had the hots for Thomas, and of course she wasn’t the kind of girl who was used to not getting exactly what she wanted. That spoiled streak only made her more determined to get into my husband’s pants. June wasn’t going to let me have him all to myself. And I had a plan to give the horny little homewrecker just the opportunity to do it. I came to the college as I had many times, only this time with a plan in mind. It was the day before Spring Vacation, and the desperation of June had grown to a fever pitch.

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