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Kama Sutra Positions – Face to face Position classic and universal, kamasutra sex not for that reason boring, the face to face allows a infinity of variants to make it more attractive and exciting. The mobility of the hands, the proximity of the faces and the comfort of the bodies are the advantages that made it famous. The erection the delay to her, that one complies squatting conforming itself to the position adopted by him. The woman “feels literally” in the penis of her companion.

The woman remains laid down mouth with open the legs and flexible above, supporting her arms behind shoulders. With the aid of his hands, the man accommodates to his companion in his erection, controlling both the rate and the intensity of the penetration. With the high and opened legs, it waits to that his companion introduces the penis in his vagina to wear his legs in shoulders of him, who will support his hands to regulate the movement. The legs can stretch itself according to the comfort that are arranged and the head can be relaxed. This way, it receives the woman who is made penetrate complying in the space that is between the legs of him and her trunk.

She raises his legs and she leaves him maintains them made kneel at the end of his body and supporting the other arm in the floor. The man penetrates, dominates and has the control. The position allows to vary the sense of the penetration and the opening of the legs. Kama Sutra Positions – The screw Nothing else recommendable for a woman with difficulties to arrive at orgasmo that the positions that press clitoris while the vagina is penetrated. The man, standing up, takes the woman behind and he penetrates it taking it from the waist. It, relaxes all her body as the gravity until supporting her hands in the floor. The man “surprises” the woman behind and counts the cadence of the sex.

It climbs to her companion up shoulders and embraces her body with the legs. The total hug is part of a passional and creative sex, where the corporal contact is very complete. Taking it from the wrists, it is relaxed backwards until falling completely: she must be super relaxed and given to the force of his companion who attracts his body with his arms causing the necessary attack for the sex. The rate continues taking it she and the movement that leaves with more facility is arrives-down that the woman must make on her companion.

This way, the man will be able to arrive at his chests with facility and the woman will be able to make circular movements. All your favorite female nude celebrities! Everyone knows the Kama Sutra is ancient India’s racy sex manual. The title conjures titillating visions of erotic frescos in which regal maharajas with outsized genitals cavort with naked bejeweled nymphs in positions exotic enough to slip the discs of a yoga master. Kama Sutra literally means “treatise on sexual pleasure.

Unlike the Christian view that the sole purpose of sex is procreation, in the fourth century Hindu world that gave birth to the Kama Sutra, the cultivation of sexual pleasure, independent of procreation, was considered one of life’s highest callings. The Kama Sutra was written by one Vatsyayana Mallanaga, about whom nothing else is known. However, from the text, it’s clear that he was upper-class. He takes servants for granted, and assumes his readers have the leisure time to seduce virgins and other men’s wives, and the money to buy the gifts he recommends giving to do so. Vatsyayana also claims to have written his treatise “in chastity and highest meditation. It’s hard to know what to make of this. The Kama Sutra may be the ancient world’s most famous sex book, but it was by no means the first.

The Chinese had sex manuals 500 years earlier, and Ovid’s “Ars Amatoria,” a handbook for courtesans, preceded the “Kamasutra” by some 200 years. The Kama Sutra is not even the first Indian sex guide. Vatsyayana mentions several sages who trod his erotic path before him. The sexual culture it describes is also surprisingly like our own. While the Kama Sutra describes girls and women as dependent on their fathers, husbands and adult sons – in the manner of women in today’s Arab Middle East – in the India of the text, they enjoyed an independence and freedom of movement Saudi or Pakistani women can only dream of. The Kama Sutra is organized in seven sections that track men through life.

In Book 1, the bachelor sets up his pad. In Book 2, he perfects his sexual techniques. This is the book that has inspired the videos, games and everything else that flies the Kama Sutra flag. In Book 3, our young man seduces a virgin. In Book 4, he marries and sets up a household for his wife and servants. By Book 5, he has grown sexually bored with his wife, and turns to seducing other men’s wives.

Although Vatsyayana was a man writing for men, some of the Kama Sutra speaks directly to women: Book 3 tells virgins how to attract husbands. Book 4 instructs women how to be good wives. Book 6 deals with the skills required of courtesans – including how they should provide for their own old age by stealing from their patrons. This information does not seem odd until you realize that in fourth century India, few if any women could read. Book 2, the sex manual, recognizes women as full, lusty participants in sex, and exhorts men to learn ejaculatory control to last long enough to bring them to orgasm: “Women love the man whose sexual energy lasts a long time, but they resent a man whose energy ends quickly because he stops before they reach a climax.

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