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Time to settle your past due loans! Death Benefit filer need not accomplish an Affidavit of Residency. Present both original copy kisah pengalaman sex the identification. Loan Restructuring program, submit this Loan Restructuring Application form, Statement of Loan Balances for Loan Restructuring program together with the DDR claim application.

Click link to open or download the form. Has not been granted any final benefit, i. Said final benefit claim must be filed within the availment period. Monthly installment shall be due for payment every 10th day of the month following the amortization month. Amortization shall start on the month immediately following the approval date of the Restructured Loan.

Payment shall be made through any SSS branch with tellering facilities or authorized collection agents of the SSS. Penalties shall be condoned after full payment of outstanding principal and interest of RL1 within the approved term. The balance of RL1 should be zero at the end of the term. While the Restructured Loan is existing or outstanding, the member-borrower cannot avail other SSS short-term loan programs including Educational Assistance Loan Program. In case of member-borrower’s death, total disability, or retirement, the total loan obligation or any unpaid amount of the loan as well as the interest and penalty shall be deducted from the final benefits. Condonation Kau Pede Po bng sendan Ako ng form ng branch dito pra ss off Ko Pwede Ko ng ma bayaran thank u Po. Hi Mam, here is the link where you can download the form.

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