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Akira Sasō, published in Manga Action in 2004 before being compiled in three volumes in 2005. It follows an 11-year-old girl named Haruna kodomo sex becomes pregnant and gives birth with the support of her classmates. A live action adaptation, directed by Koji Hagiuda and starring Haruna Amari, was released in 2008.

Haruna and her childhood friend Hiroyuki are fifth-grade students who attend an unnamed school in Japan. Their class, taught by the young teacher Ms. Yagi, is a rambunctious one, despite efforts from Yagi and the class representative Mika. One day, when they are playing in the park, Haruna asks Hiroyuki if he wants to “stick it in”.

Over the next few months Haruna grows bigger, which her family attributes to her increased appetite, and begins suffering morning sickness. Haruna realizes her pregnancy after Yagi teaches an explicit sex ed class, with dolls illustrating intercourse. She hides this new understanding from her family, trying to keep the pregnancy a secret. She tells Hiroyuki, as the father, and Daigo, whom she has a crush on. Mika begins to worry about her pregnant classmate.

The entire class learns of Haruna’s pregnancy before an athletics competition, when Haruna rebuffs claims that she’s fat by yelling “I’m running for two! Meanwhile, Yagi is losing control over her class as she is stalked by her ex-boyfriend, Nomura, with whom she broke up after he was too insistent on sex. The PTA, unaware of the stalking problem and its effect on her home life, find Yagi disorganized and unprepared for classes. Ultimately, the child is born a month before expected. Unable to reach Haruna’s family or a doctor, the children decide to help Haruna give birth in their hideout, a shack in the middle of a field. The secret is found out when Haruna’s grandfather goes unexpectedly for a walk, taking the baby with him from the hideout. The adults who find him demand to know whose baby he is carrying, and Haruna confesses.

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