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Jump to navigation Jump to search “Mirror system” redirects here. A mirror neuron is a neuron that mirror sex both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another. The function of the mirror system in humans is a subject of much speculation.

However, there are scientists who express skepticism about the theories being advanced to explain the function of mirror neurons. Remember too that there are many different types of mirror neuron. And that we’re still trying to establish for sure whether they exist in humans, and how they compare with the monkey versions. To date, no widely accepted neural or computational models have been put forward to describe how mirror neuron activity supports cognitive functions.

A few years later, the same group published another empirical paper, discussing the role of the mirror-neuron system in action recognition, and proposing that the human Broca’s region was the homologue region of the monkey ventral premotor cortex. In 2002 Christian Keysers and colleagues reported that, in both humans and monkeys, the mirror system also responds to the sound of actions. Reports on mirror neurons have been widely published and confirmed with mirror neurons found in both inferior frontal and inferior parietal regions of the brain. The most common theory behind the origin of mirror neuron is the genetic account which suggests that the mirrorness of mirror neurons is due primarily to heritable genetic factors and that the genetic predisposition to develop Mirror neuron evolved because they facilitate action understanding. The first animal in which researchers have studied mirror neurons individually is the macaque monkey.

Mirror neurons are believed to mediate the understanding of other animals’ behaviour. The function of mirror neurons in macaques remains unknown. Adult macaques do not seem to learn by imitation. Recent experiments by Ferrari and colleagues suggest that infant macaques can imitate a human’s face movements, though only as neonates and during a limited temporal window. In adult monkeys, mirror neurons may enable the monkey to understand what another monkey is doing, or to recognize the other monkey’s action.

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