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With proper guidelines, you can get rid of these flying pantry pests. Indian Moth Control Treatment Plans Inspect: After your identification of Indian Meal Moth sex, the next step is to find all the infested materials. This can be a long task, but is critical in controlling Indian Meal Moths.

Go by all the foodstuffs that they may have infested one by one. Begin with the open packages and products bought in bulk. Don’t forget to check seasonings, especially the long forgotten seasonings in the back of your cupboards. Discard: After finding the infested items, discard them.

If in doubt about a food item, place it in a Ziploc bag for 30 days and watch for any infestation signs. Clean and Vacuum: Clean the shelves in your cabinets thoroughly. Pay attention to cracks and crevices and under your shelves. It doesn’t take a lot of food for these Indian Meal Moths to survive. Use Pheromone Traps: These traps have a sex pheromone in order to catch and trap male moths.

These traps are usually made of cardboard with a sticky interior. Either the pheromone is part of the glue substance or it is in a separate packet. Not only are pheromone traps useful for trapping the male moths and preventing further reproduction, but they are useful monitoring tools. 4″ when at rest, the wings are folded together-held tightly together by the body.

The wing is a blend of two colors: front half of the wings-pale grey-pale tan, bottom half of the wings: a rust-bronze color. They are nocturnal, flying a night. They rest during the day in dark places. One moth can lay 100-400 eggs over 1-18 day period. The larvae is what does the damage-feeding on these different food items, forming an extensive web type of substance over the food items that they infest. Abundant webbing in infested materials is characteristic of infestations by the Indian meal moth. Its larvae are often found far from infested foods because they usually crawl away from their foods to construct silken cocoons in which to pupate.

In large Indian Meal Moth infestations, larvae may be found in other parts of the house, far from the food source, because of this movement characteristic in order to pupate. Detection of Indian Meal Moths Besides spotting this flying insect weakly flying in its zigzag pattern, you can detect webbing in your foodstuffs. Looking inside the food containers, many times you will see their lavae. The larvae will cause the food to clump together, which is easier to see with the naked eye. Identification – Pantry Moths or Pantry Beetles ? The Mediterranean Flour Moth is somewhat larger than the Indian Meal Moth.

Development and damage are similar to the Indian meal moth, except the larvae live and feed in small silken tubes they spin. Although flour is the favorite food, grains, bran, breakfast foods and pollen in beehives are also attacked. The life cycle takes about 10 weeks. The webbing and matting of the larvae often cause the greatest amount of damage by this insect, whether it is contaminating foods in the home or clogging industrial machinery.

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