Online sex crimes

Online predators are individuals who commit child sexual abuse that begins or takes place on the Internet. Internet-facilitated sex crimes against minors involve deceit and begin with adults communicating with children over online sex crimes Internet with the goal of coercing them into illegal sexual activity.

Sometimes the sexual abuse happens face to face. Even though it is the mainstream view that predators will use distinct tactics to meet victims, most actual in-person meetings do not involve any deception. In fact, the minors are usually complicit with perpetrators often using promises of love and romance to seduce victims to meet. In Australia, the murder of Carly Ryan in February 2007 led to public opinion pressure which eventually resulted in nationwide legal changes, nicknamed “Carly’s Law”, being made in 2017 to help protect minors online. Most online sex offenders are young adults who target teens and seduce victims into sexual relationships. They take time to develop the trust and confidence of teens, so the teens see these relationships as romances or sexual adventures.

Nearly 75 percent of victims who met offenders face-to-face did so more than once. Online Predators: Help minimize the risk”. This provides an opportunity for pedophiles to befriend and groom minors. Are Crimes by Online Predators Different From Crimes by Sex Offenders Who Know Youth In-Person? Safeguarding young people from cyber pornography and cyber sexual predation: a major dilemma of the internet”. Compliant Child Victims: Confronting an Uncomfortable Reality”.

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