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Here you’ll read about the first time she had sex, about having groupsex as a babysitter, about bachelor party gangbangs, shopping mall sex, adult bookstore adventures, adult movie house parties, sex club parties and New Year’s Eve fuckfests. Patricia likes men, a lot, and has a very special place for women too. About the Photographs: Each of the stories in this section is illustrated with photos supplied by Patricia showing herself in hardcore action. Some of the photos will be clickable links which open a new window with a larger copy of that photo. We’ll add a note next to the clickable ones so you’ll know there’s a larger size photo available if you want to see it.

You can just close the new pic window to return to the story page each time. All of the stories and the photos here are original works written by Patricia’s XTC and should not be copied or otherwise distributed without the author’s permission. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions too. Hope to hear from you soon. Thousands More Stories at These Niche Sites! Hardcore interracial gangbang fucking, check it out!

Usually you’ll find the latest stories at the top of the list. But we’re now keeping story threads together when we add new chapters or story segments so you should make sure to scroll down the list to find new additions to existing stories too. I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but I now live in Southern California’s high desert town of Lancaster. I am a bisexual exhibitionist who loves to go to clubs, billiard rooms, X-rated movies and stores dressed very sexily. I usually wear a revealing dress, garter belt and stockings or my crotch-less panty hose and cum-fuck-me pumps. I love exposing myself to men while my husband watches.

As I stepped out of the pool and turned around and asked the boys if they were hungry for lunch now I suddenly realized that I may have made a bad choice in bathing suits. The one I was wearing was a thin white material that when wet exposed every inch of my body especially my pussy hair. I had a thin trimmed patch of black hair clearly visible thru my bottoms and two horny boys and nowhere to hide. I looked at Tony and said “OK, truth or dare. He looked at me and said dare. I told him to take his cock out and stroke it.

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