Petroleum jelly sex

Should you use Petroleum Jelly as Lube? The search for a personal lubricant that is comfortable and affordable, yet provides the right amount of lubrication can take you in many directions. They noticed a black slimy substance that would accumulate on the drill petroleum jelly sex cause the machinery to malfunction.

In 1859 a process was found to refine that oil byproduct, leading to modern petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is a very hydrophobic substance, meaning that it will repel moisture of all kinds. Additionally, when it is warmed it becomes more oil-like, providing a superior slickness that is perfect for many positions. One of the best qualities of petroleum jelly is that it does not dry out like water-based lubricants, eliminating the need to reapply. Imagine no longer needing to interrupt your pleasure! The first being its incompatibility with condoms.

Petroleum-based products will breakdown latex and polyurethane, so they will affect the majority of mass produced condoms. The breakdown can happen so quickly that a condom may break within a few minutes of coming in contact with petroleum jelly. A yeast infection can be a terrible thing to deal with. Petroleum jelly has been linked to the growth of yeast.

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