Prenatal sex selection

IVF, separating sperm, and selectively terminating a pregnancy. In some countries, such as India and China, it is commonly known that the practice of sex-selective abortion has resulted in distortions of the natural sex ratio, in favour of males. In addition, there is concern that sex selection involves inappropriate control over nonessential characteristics of children and may place a potential psychological burden on, prenatal sex selection hence cause harm to, sex-selected offspring. 1970s made prebirth gender identification a reality.

X and Y-bearing sperm have a DNA difference in content of approximately 2. Although preconception sex selection methods do not destroy embryos or foetuses and are not as invasive as prenatal or preimplantation sex selection, these procedures still raise important ethical concerns. One concern is that such techniques may reinforce gender discrimination by either allowing male offspring to be produced as first children or by encouraging parents to pay greater attention to gender itself. In addition, karyotyping of fetal cells provides information about fetal sex.

Germany to ascertain whether there was both a significant preference for children of a particular sex in Germany and a considerable demand for preconception sex selection. How do genes impact health and disease? How can knowing my family history help me stay healthy? How do I collect my family history? How can my choices affect my health?

Why should I bring this information to my healthcare provider? What are the chances my child will inherit a condition? How do your genes and the environment interact? Genetics is the study of how different qualities, called traits, are passed down from parents to child. Click one of the letters above to advance the page to terms beginning with that letter. Describes an illness that only affects an individual for a short period of time.

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