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Due to the distributed nature of the project as a whole, numbers are not always tested in order and a smaller Mersenne prime may yet be found. For that reason, thanks to all the GIMPS members that contributed their resources towards achieving this milestone. Thanks to all the GIMPS members that contributed their resources towards achieving this milestone. Verification tests are an important part of the GIMPS project. Only by doing a double-check with matching results are we able to say for sure that a Mersenne number is composite. Jonathan Pace, a GIMPS volunteer for over 14 years, discovered the 50th known Mersenne prime, 277,232,917-1 on December 26, 2017. The prime number is calculated by multiplying together 77,232,917 twos, and then subtracting one.

It weighs in at 23,249,425 digits, becoming the largest prime number known to mankind. Just how big is a 23,249,425 digit number? Big enough to fill an entire shelf of books totalling 9,000 pages! Jonathan Pace is a 51 year old Electrical Engineer living in Germantown Tennessee. The PC that found the new prime took six days of intense computation on a quad-core Intel i5-6600 CPU to prove the number prime.

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