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Anarchy Online 2000, Funcom, PC BACKDOOR – “We seem to be made to suffer. Altered Beast 1988, Red sex link chickens, Genesis HARDCORE – Happy Bear Love! Predator 1993, Activision, SNES ORAL – Whoever wins, we lose!

Army, PC SELF_LOVE – It is very lonely in the military, yes? ORAL – OMFG WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION! Asheron’s Call 2 2002, Microsoft Game Studios, PC BESTIALITY – “That would be a Warath butt raping an Armoredillo. Baseball Stars 2 1994, SNK, Arcade SELF LOVE – Lady, I know your team win the game, but wait until you gets home? Bloodstorm 1994, Strata, Arcade AMATEUR – Oh my lord, this is not supposed to be porno game?

Beavis and Butthead 1994, Viacom, SNES BACKDOOR – Uh heh heh heh who is the Butthead now? Beyond Oasis 1994, Sega, Megadrive ORAL – Word of advice: forest trolls do not take NO for an answer! Bloody Roar 2 1999, Hudson, Playstation PANTY – Ooh yeah, bug-man, you go ahead and take a sniff. Burgertime 1985, Namco, NES ORAL – Weiner.

The joke is just too serious. Chrono Trigger 1995, Square, SNES ORAL – Robot pr0n is the hottest! Counter-Strike: Source 2004, Valve, PC BACKDOOR – The bomb of my loins has been defused, SIR! Delta Force 1998, Novalogic, PC BACKDOOR – A test: ask a soldier to sit on his gun and see which end he sits on. Demon’s Crest 1994, Capcom, SNES AMATEUR – Even in the land of demons this is quite dirty I assure you.

Atari, Arcade AMATEUR – Oh yeah, Dig Dug! You pumped him up good, man. Doom 3 2004, id software, PC ZOMBIE SEX – “It too dark! I can’t see whose ass that I’m squeezing! ORAL – Super Turbo Turkey Puncher HI SCORE coming right up!

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