Same sex ceremonies

The love of a same sex ceremonies-sex couple is the same as everyone else’s. David will write a beautiful, meaningful ceremony that will bring tears to the eyes of your guests, love in their hearts and support of your marriage equality. David will support and perform ceremonies for all manifestations of true love.

This includes supporting same sex, transgender and non-binary couples on their decision to be married. Gathering together in ritual with friends and family who offer love and blessings is an act that gathers together huge amounts of energy and leads to subtle changes in the rigid structures of the material world. A ceremony that publicly declares your intent and commitment is extremely powerful, both socially and spiritually. Registrars will be conducting WEDDINGS for same sex couples! The Church of England and Church in Wales are prevented by law from conducting same sex marriages. Why not enjoy a bespoke ceremony? Have the Ceremony you really want!

The location and venue is entirely your choice. You may be considering a venue that is a little unusual such as a barn, a boat or your own home. Whatever your choice I can help. David takes the time to understand your beliefs, your values, and what makes your bond unique. He will collaborate with you to create a ceremony that you will cherish for years to come. In a  same-sex ceremony, you are empowered. Instead, in a collaborative process, David will guide you in choosing rituals, readings, symbols and music to fulfill your ideals and vision for your ceremony.

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