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In October 2016, with the contest for U. Satanic sex slaves 8 vote, thousands of emails damaging to the Clinton campaign were released on Wikileaks.

Never once have Wikileaks releases been proven to be fake. These emails are forensically linked to the accounts and devices of the parties in question. No one has denied the validity of the emails. Researchers were intrigued and began to study the social media presence of people named in the emails. In corroboration of researchers’ concerns, at the same time of the email releases, Wikileaks also released FBI documents that defined various pedophilia jargon and symbols that allow pedophiles to communicate without the referent of their discussions being obvious to the naive masses. Politically, many important things developed in November and December 2016.

One is that parties named in the emails and social media postings were silent and either closed or set to private their media accounts. Not once did any of these people attempt to defend or explain themselves. The informal investigation to date has revealed much damning evidence. While there is a great deal of smoke here, no photos or testimonies of eye witnesses have been produced fingering John Podesta in actual acts of child sacrifices, or underage sex and lesser forms of abuse.

Lastly, as to why the likely perpetrators would behave so brazenly, you need to understand something about occultism. The power of occult practices is believed to lie in its being hidden in plain sight. The public lives with their “eyes wide shut,” meaning they see things, but they are not really seeing them for what they truly are. The symbols and language employed in occultism have primary and secondary meanings. The elites use pure physical force to control the masses only as a last resort. It is much better, in their view, to have us sleepwalk into our enslavement through various forms of trickery. Even better is for the masses to beg for their enslavement.

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