Sauna sex story

The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta 850. Author Robert Randolph has been talking to the tabloids about John Sauna sex story’s habit of hooking up with men at Los Angeles saunas. Most media outlets, however, were too shy to delve into the steamy details.

Randolph, an interior designer by trade, says he first started visiting LA’s City Spa in 1995. It wasn’t long, he claims, before he encountered fellow member and notorious closet case John Travolta, who frequented the spa to hook up with other men. Randolph says his first encounter with Travolta, who was then in his early 40s, took place in one of the spa’s steam rooms. I walked in and the guy was giving John a blowjob and, like guys do, he pulled his head up when I walked in. Then they left the room,” Randolph described Travolta’s mate as a “very handsome, very hung” Middle-Eastern man.

There was an empty massage room upstairs where guys could go and have sex. It was after he’d seen Travolta getting it on with numerous men at the spa that Randolph had a run-in of his own. We were both next to each other in the steam room and he started stroking his dick. He undid my towel and said, ‘Let’s have some fun. I told him I wasn’t comfortable. But Travolta’s salacious trips to steam rooms are a little unusual considering the circumstances.

But Scientology’s position of the issue hasn’t stopped Travolta from leading a rather active gay sex life, according to Randolph. Travolta, he says, visited gay spas several times a week, and was always on the lookout for some man-on-man action. And Randolph claims he’s seen Travolta in any number of compromising positions over the years. I’ve seen people sucking his dick. I’ve seen him sucking other guys’ dicks. But there was always action of some kind,” he says. It was often sucking, masturbating, and jerking off in front of everyone.

Not the sort of behavior, in other words, that one would be expect from a member of an anti-gay group that many call a cult. According to Randolph, Travolta definitely has a type. His preference is Middle Eastern or guys with dark features,” he explains. His taste has changed over the 15 years that I’ve seen him visiting spas. First he strictly liked black guys. For the longest time if you weren’t black, he didn’t want you. Then he was into Middle Eastern men.

If there’s one thing he likes, though, it’s guys with big dicks, Randolph claims. Especially if the men in question are straight. He does do more masculine gay guys, but his thing is straight guys,” Randolph says. He pulls them in because they’re shocked and impressed that it’s Travolta and that they’re hooking up with him.

How on earth does the actor seduce all these straight guys? The lure of celebrity plays a big part. In the beginning, he would come in and people would recognize him and he would let people approach him,” Randolph says of Travolta’s seduction technique. He’s very personable, and he would use the fact he’s a star to reel guys in. While Randolph isn’t afraid to get into some of the dirty details, there are a few things he didn’t want to get into, like the size of Travolta’s endowment or some of the more outrageous things he’s seen him do over the years. But he’s over-the-top kinky,” Randolph says.

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