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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. You are now on the desktop site. Scorpio Sexuality Explained: What is this Scorpio sexuality Sex at rave Rave about? What is it about sex that Scorpio natives like so much?

Is it the emotional fabric of the mingling? The passion and abandon from a persona otherwise introverted? Is it merely appetite and stamina? Or is the sexuality of Scorpio merely mythology? The reality is — yeah all that — but mostly that sex is sort of a 7th sense to Scorpio, used  for receiving and transmitting feedback to other life and spirits.

It is a holistic sense they use to respond to the world around them. Many things can make a Scorpio native feel highly erotic. Sometimes a stimulating  conversation can make a Scorpio want to tear someone’s clothes off. Conversation can spark an energy and connection as ferocious as foreplay! To the Scorpio man and Scorpio woman, sex is a language —  a tool of  communication. In making love, Scorpios try to collect all these metaphysical, psychological, sensual, emotional things from the lover and force them back into the lover, creating  a constant back-and-forth exchange of energy  that is electric! This circulation of energy carries all the couple’s emotion, thoughts, hopes, dreams, strengths and weaknesses as souls and bodies are laid bare, creating a raw communion that pushes the Scorpio to the brink of otherworldly bonding.

But that’s how Scorpios grow to feel about sex. Evolving Scorpio: Learning to Handle the Lust Drive! For young Scorpios, dealing with their overwhelming sense of sexuality can be very difficult and confusing. Many don’t understand their intense erotic energy. They should not, however, feel ashamed or dirty.

No taboo can really seem taboo to Scorpio, who specializes in analyzing the hidden aspects of life from which others shrink. Scorpios will find all the salacious corners of intimate life very interesting. As young adults, Scorpios might even feel obsessed with thoughts of growing up and going into the sex industry. It would interesting, in fact, to see how many people in the sex industry are Scorps who could not get a handle on their robust sexual energy. To this day, she still has some admiration for that field. They LOVE secret sexual trysts and mystique.

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