Sex chocolate hormones

We’ve already covered how Sex Is Good For Males. Well, dark chocolate is yet another example. Dark chocolate is relatively low on calories and high on flavanoid-rich cocoa. Dove is the gold standard, but almost any true dark chocolate sex chocolate hormones do.

Cocoa, the main ingredient in dark chocolate, is very good for the heart. It lowers blood pressure among other things. Imagine a world with no heart disease. Well, the Kuna live in such a world and cocoa is one of their secret weapons. Read here to find out about the Kuna and the unique lessons we can live from this third world people. Dark chocolate increases Nitric Oxide, the stuff of erections.

Yes, it increases blood flow into the penis and that’s just what you need for a healthy sex life. For other examples of foods that do the same, consider the Peak Testosterone Erectile Strength Diet. A 2008 study showed that small amounts, one or two squares, of dark chocolate reduced inflammation, which is implicated in heart disease and a host of other ailments. See my link on Inflammation for more details. The polyphenols in dark chocolate will very likely delay and prevent Alzheimers and dementia according to one recent study. Dark chocolate is highly satisfying to the appetite and can actually help you to lose weight.

In other words, dark chocolate can actually prevent you from overstuffing the ol’ pie hole. The primary fat in chocolate is a saturated fat, but has much less negative effects on your blood lipids than most other kinds of saturated fat. Well, this is still more good news for chocolate lovers. All you type A’s out there, listen to this:  Nestle’s lab found that in high anxiety subjects, a small bar of dark chocolate significantly reduced stress hormones. Consumption of 2 tablespoons of high-flavanoid cacao for 12 weeks resulted in skin that was smoother and more moist, which is important for a more youthful look. Note that eating over one serving per day was associated in a loss of all protective benefits.

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