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Copyright 2000 – 2018 Fox Television Stations, LLC. The Newseum has now announced that it will no longer carry t-shirts that say “Fake News” from its gift shop and online. 22 clubs are shown, but without reference of which clubs they show. Gay- or a Straight-club and how popular it was. Can YOU identify any of the still “unknown” clubs? Or – Have you got additional information on the already known clubs?

January 1982 to February 1983 the place was run as Phoenix Productions, which was Ozkar Fuller and Randy Flood. Ozkar was also the DJ and had earlier been DJ’ing with Nicky Siano at Buttermilk Bottom. Finally the location of Phil’s Men’s Shop is found. 3rd Ave, in 160 E 48th Street there was a club called Le Directoire in the early to mid 70’s and it was later known as Le Twinkie Zone. Question is if THAT was the Club Mr.

April 6, 1977 – 1978 ? Smoke would roll down the mountain several times each night covering the dancefloor with a sea of fog. I’LL PLAY THE FOOL – Dr. DON’T KEEP IT IN THE SHADOWS – D. May 1978, but was not finished so after the premier night they closed to re-open in June 7, 1978. 16-channels sound system, the most expensive ever installed in a New York club.

Gilded Grape was pretty small, sort of a hole-in-the-wall place. That club was kind of divided into two areas. The 2nd area in the back was the dance floor. November 1980 the club became a rock club called the Peppermint Lounge, but actually the premise had been named the Peppermint Lounge already back in 1960-1965, when the Twist was originated there. Back then the clubs was also owned by Matthew “the Horse” Ianniello.

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