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984 0 0 0 19 8c2. New Vegas, reminding you that you’re nobody ’til somebody loves you. New Vegas is an AI programmed before the Great War to be the DJ of Radio New Vegas, a job he still performs over two hundred years later in 2281. New Vegas plays music and reads news, most commonly detailing the Courier’s deeds in the Mojave Wasteland. He makes comments and gives advice on the Courier’s active quests, such as revealing what the Courier must do or is going to do. Much like Three Dog in Fallout 3, Mr.

This is in contrast to Three Dog who knows the Lone Wanderer personally, describing them as “the kid from Vault 101. Some of his news will be based on the Courier’s reputation or Karma. The women of New Vegas ask me a lot if there’s a Mrs. And you’re still as perfect as the day we met. New Vegas, and I feel something magic in the air tonight, and I’m not just talking about the gamma radiation. You know, I tried to measure my Charisma on a Vit-o-matic Vigor Tester once.

Whoops, better put on my newsman fedora here. The Black Mountain Radio signal is back after a long absence. Listeners say the new progamming is, quote: Less for outcasts, and more for weirdos. New Vegas is only heard in Fallout: New Vegas. New Vegas is voiced by real-life Vegas-based star Wayne Newton, also known as “Mr.

One of his intros references his own song, 1965’s Comin’ On Too Strong. New Vegas’ line, “Mojave, mo’ problems. This line is only heard if the player takes the Wild Wasteland trait. New Vegas will also occasionally say “Stay classy, New Vegas” if you have the Wild Wasteland trait.

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