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Moving to sex in jumeirah beach foreign country however can be overwhelming under the best circumstances. The team at Expat Echo Dubai has compiled a list of top 10 tips for living in Dubai to help you adjust to your new home and make sense of the social quirks, local traditions and taboos. While Dubai is far more liberal than some of its neighbours and the majority of the population is made up of expatriates, it’s important to be sensitive to Islamic culture. Armed with our good advice and careful planning, Expat Echo Dubai will get you settled and adjusted in no time.

English, and most Emiratis speak the language well. Meeting your hosts halfway is the least that you can do, the look of sheer delight on a local’s face when they hear you speaking their language makes it so worthwhile. For those wanting to become fluent in Arabic there are a number of places offering courses. In case of emergency familiarize yourself with the numbers to call for the police, ambulance, fire brigade and coast guard. Both government and private hospitals operate in Dubai, all have an emergency department and are generally open 24 hours.

Make a note of which hospitals are within close proximity to your home. Medical insurance is a must if living in Dubai. Islam is ever present and you will soon become accustomed to the sound of the call to prayer from neighboring mosque’s loudspeakers. Muslims pray five times each day facing Mecca and it is not uncommon to see people praying by the side of the road, while there are prayer rooms for Muslims at most shopping centers and at the airport. Avoid walking in front of anyone praying, and try not to stare.

There are many days each year commemorating aspects of Islam and most result in a public holiday. Men and women should dress sensibly. Swim wear should be reserved for the beach or swimming pool and beach-goers should be aware that topless sunbathing and nudity are prohibited. Loose modest clothing is recommended where revealing clothing is likely to draw unwanted attention. Women don’t have to wear a veil or cover their shoulders, but should keep in mind local sensibilities when dressing, particularly if visiting crowded public places such as souks or shopping malls. When it comes to public displays of affection, anything more than a kiss on the cheek may offend those around you and may get you in trouble.

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