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You should know choosing the right sex position sex kamasutra com sex. Spice up your sex with this list of 50 kamasutra sex positions. The Teaspoons: In this sex position, both partners kneels down so the man penetrates from behind in this passionate position.

The woman separates her leg so the man can easily penetrate. If you love to experiment, then you would love this sex position. The man enters a vulnerable position while giving into the pleasing hands and mouth of the woman. To set this position, the man slides his back and shoulder against the edge of the bed or couch. If you can’t carry your partner’s body weight do not try this one.

The man, sitting straight up in a high chair, should lift the woman so that her head is placed upside down between legs. When both of you have wrapped your arms around each other’s backs and the woman has wrapped her legs around her man’s neck, the man stands up carefully. Always be careful to watch your woman’s head and neck. The easiest way to get into this position is if the woman places herself on the edge of the bed and the man kneels on the floor.

The woman then wraps her legs around the man’s back. Now the man rises slowly with his hands placed around his woman’s butt. The man should remember to bend his kneels to prevent back pain. Spread Eagle: In this well- known position. Her feet should be resting behind the man’s shoulders.

Here there is no distractions, only the magical pleasure of the man’s tongue. Spoons: The spoon sex position is one of the sex position women love. Although there are many sex positions that a couple can try, there are few that really provide pleasure for women and the spoon is one. Southern Exposure: Here the man is totally exposed in a position where he lays on hid back with his legs in the air. Sockets: Here the man lies on his side with the woman on her back.

Sitting Bull: Enter this positon with a woman lying on her back. Sitting: The woman gently wraps her legs around her partner’s neck and the man wraps his arm around the back of his woman. The woman can use her hands to also support her weight. Side- rider: Here is a position that offers an exciting angle.

Side to Side: Whenever you feel like shifting position, this one is great to enter. See- Saw: This is a very intimate sexual positions that couples can try. The movement in the see-saw position is very limited, but this position allows the man to stimulate the clits of the woman. Screw: The man enters the woman kneeling from the edge side. An added advantage is both of you being able to kiss and touch as well.

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