Sex positions guys like

I like quickies as much as the next girl. Frankly, if they weren’t a regular part of my fiancé’s and my bedroom repertoire, we’d be getting sex positions guys like far less frequently. A version of this article was originally published in March 2017.

Couch lovin’ is some good stuff, and riding astride does the trick,” says Nelson. It’s gravity-friendly, relaxed, and doesn’t include too many bells and whistles that could physically overstimulate either partner. This position allows for a deep and unique angle for women, allowing for her G-spot to be hit by either a thrusting penis or sex toy,” says Nelson. Male partners have an opportunity to take things at their own pace, allowing him to last longer. Put that ottoman to work without being constricted,” says Nelson. Men, when you’re getting close, communicate, communicate, communicate to make sure your partner’s on the same page.

This position allows the kneeling partner to thrust and go the distance without deep penetration,” says Nelson. Thrusting slightly upward, the man has gravity on his side while enjoying a full-frontal view and easy access to his partner. The spoon can be a lot of physical stimulation for male partners, depending on the angle they’re entering from behind, so this might trigger some guys faster than others,” says Nelson. However, with both partners on their sides, you can take things at your own pace, changing the speed and depth of thrusting as needed. The top partner can control how fast he or she moves, slowing down as needed if either partner gets turned on too fast,” says Nelson. Essentially, there’s a lot of control, so you can take it at your own pace. The screw is similar in mechanics and motion to the butterfly, putting gravity and pace of thrust on the side of the kneeling male partner,” says Nelson.

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