Sex take a deep breath

Sandy Rashid was a shy girl, she didn’t have many friends, her best friend sex take a deep breath Hugo, her great Dane dog. She had him for three years now and they were inseparable on the estate where she lived with her stepfather and mother.

Her Mother was a beautiful dark skinned woman of thirty five, her first husband had treated her and Sandy appallingly so she divorced him. Her Mother, now called Sherene Collins had re-married to a wealthy man, hence the estate they lived on. Sandy had a few friends from neighbouring villages and her local school, it was actually twenty miles away but a chauffeur dropped Sandy off away from the school, she didn’t want to be called spoiled or little rich girl. Her very best friends were sisters Maxine and Norma, they would often spend nights at Sandy’s house, sleepovers they called them. A lot of exploring had gone on during these sleepovers, they had shaved their pussies and explored each other finally plucking up courage to lick each other’s pussies.

All three had boyfriends, but no sex which frustrated the hell out of the boys. Locking the door they put the DVD on and watched as a woman fucked another woman with a huge dick strapped to her. Neither girl had ever seen anything like this, they couldn’t believe that a woman was fucking another woman. Sandy wanted to rub her pussy, she had a strange feeling in there, she looked at her friends who were squirming on the bed. Sandy couldn’t stand it anymore, she reached down and put two fingers into her wet cunt. Maxine and Norma saw her and immediately began to finger their young pussies as well. A man had now joined them on the film and was sticking his cock into the woman’s ass hole as the other fucked her pussy with the strapon.

The three girls watched enthralled as both holes were filled, what happened next shocked them, a woman came walking on with a great dog similar to Sandy’s. Getting underneath she rubbed his sheath until dog cock appeared and began to suck it. The three girls looked at each other wide eyed, looking back to the screen they were amazed to see how big the dogs cock had got from the sucking. The woman’s face was glistening from dog cum spurting on her face as she sucked dog cock. The woman with her holes filled had finished fucking and was sucking the man’s cock while the other woman joined the dog sucker. Maxine, the eldest of the three at twenty.

Norma, the bravest of the three. The beastiality film continued with the woman who sucked the dogs cock getting on her knees and letting the dog mount her. Sandy’s fingers were working overtime in her pussy, she watched as the dog began to probe for the woman’s cunt and then fucking her at speed. Sandy began to have a strange feeling, she lay back on the bed with cum dripping and spurting over her fingers. Sandy was out of breath, she tried to speak but couldn’t just yet. They rewound the film to watch the dogs cock enter the woman’s pussy, although she had just cum Sandy was feeling wet again, she couldn’t take her eyes off the great dog’s cock. Maxine and Norma couldn’t cum, maybe it was because they were sisters and slightly embarrassed being together.

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