Sore breasts after sex

Hello Hannah, I had a question regarding pregnancy. But, I started my period, had it normally for 2 days then the third day stopped all together sore breasts after sex started bleeding the next day then it stopped. Usually my breasts become sore before menustruating but it goes away after my period ends.

My breasts have been getting more tender as the days go on and seem to be getting larger. I am already taking prenatal vitamins because I have been trying to get pregnant. Have you ever been pregnant before? How long have you been trying to get pregnant? If you’ve been on birth control meds, what type were you taking and how long have you been off them? How frequently do you have sex?

On a side note, no, the prenatal vitamins shouldn’t have any effect on how your breasts feel. Will Vigorous Rubbing of Vagina Hinder Becoming Pregnant? Do tender nipples mean I’m pregnant? No I have never been pregnant before and have been trying to get pregnant for about 2 years now. I have been to the doctor and had pap tests and other tests they same that I am perfectly healthy and that I should have no problems getting pregnant, everything is normal.

I havent been on birth control for over 4 years the last time I had birth control I had one shot of depo and decided not to take birth control anymore. Have you both had fertility tests? Sometimes a guy’s sperm count is lower than normal, and a fertility specialist can make recommendations to increase your chances of success. January, it doesn’t sound like you are pregnant just yet. Keep trying, and I wish you soon success!

The first symptom was a tingly sensation around my nipples. It started off with the left then it would alternate. Tingly sensation around my breasts, Nausea, without vomiting. So pls let me know what you think. One symptom that does stick out to me is the tingly sensation around my nipples because I’ve never felt that feeling before or during my period. Ps, fertility dates were June 8-13. Had sex on the 1, 4th, 8the, 11th.

My expected period date is June 27th. Hi there is there a chance I could be pregnant even though a home pregnacy test have come back negitive? Ive been pregnant before and all the symptoms are the same like shooting cramping pains in my lower tummy, back pains and extremly soar nipples they are very sesitivw if not pregnant what else could it be? I’ve been to the doc and they don’t have any answers for me. I’m 10 days late on my periods. My breast is hard and very sore and tender.

When I press my breast there is watery liquid comeing out of the nipples. I’ve done the home pregnancy test and blood test, it’s negative. I’m hoping you can give me some advise , me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex a day after I stopped my period ,What my concern is that I am using the depo 3 month injection have been using it for the pass year and a half now . Ever since we had sex I’ve been feeling a bit weird my appetite increased I’ve been using the toilet way too much than usual and my breast is starting too hurt. Hi am precious and i have make luv so many times without condom but still am not getting pregnant and i don’t know the cause of it, pls i need ur help and advice of wpt to do now. Submit it through my online form.

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