Spouses of sex addicts support group

Shannon has developed a deep passion for wives who find themselves in this agonizing situation. She began working with addicts in 1988 and has significant knowledge and understanding of the origins, impact, spouses of sex addicts support group recovery of addiction. A 12-week therapy group centered on a Christian perspective towards healing the devastation and trauma experienced as a spouse of those struggling with sexual addiction. Has your life been turned upside down?

Do you fear you are losing ability to trust yourself? Do you wonder how will you trust again? Is shame keeping you silent and isolated? Do you feel overwhelmed by loss? Are you struggling with horrific relational pain? Do you feel paralyzed by agonizing fear?

Are you unsure if a marriage can survive, much less heal, from such profound betrayal? If you can answer yes to some of these questions, this group is right for you! There are others struggling with similar pain and circumstance as you. To begin healing, it is critical to have the support of other women who are going through a similar experience. In these groups, there are safe people who genuinely understand and care about you. Strict confidentiality is upheld by all group members. Info Pages:  There are many pages this site covering the aspects of sex addiction.

Please feel free to share this site with anyone you know who may be struggling with sex addiction! 160 Churches: local churches who embrace individuals affected by homosexuality while holding to Biblical sexual standards. Exodus Church Association Churches may or may not provide ministry directly related to the issue of same-sex attractions. The primary focus of these churches is to provide holistic discipleship and community for those looking for a safe environment. For ministry or assistance specific to issues related to same-sex attractions, please contact an Exodus Member Ministry or Professional Counselor.

Grace in Action of Michiana, Inc. You See Me Free Ministries, Inc. This member provides the following services. We are unique as a treatment program because we provide thorough assessment of each person we treat. Our treatment methods are evidenced-based, not based simply on theories, a single method of treatment, or a single recovery program. Our team is cross-disciplinary and highly experienced in a multitude of interventions, and we keep abreast of the latest research, as well as conduct research of our own.

We tailor treatment to the person’s specific needs, ensuring the highest likelihood of success. Understanding the person and their unique presentation of symptoms and issues is the single best way to ensure that treatment will target and address the presenting cluster of problems. At Pathways Institute, we offer practical tools and new pathways for people, and their partners and families, to gain control of their lives and become free to create a life of choice, and ultimately of deeper meaning. We provide psychotherapy, treatment groups, training and consultation, community education, interface with the legal system, and licensing and sale of our products. Todos nuestros servicios están disponibles en español. All of our services are available in Spanish. We also offer treatment via phone or internet for California residents who live too far away to come in for sessions.

We also offer intensive treatment for those who need a more immersive program or who live too far to come to us for ongoing treatment. The Pathways Institute is proud to serve the greater Bay Area: our San Francisco office is centrally located for East Bay, South Bay, North Bay and all of San Francisco. We cannot change anything until we accept it. Intimacy is the ability to be real with another person. In its essence, intimacy is the connection between two people who are equals and are genuine and open about what they are feeling in the moment. In other words the capacity to be intimate involves the ability to take the risk of being known for who you really are. It is necessarily a willingness to take the risk of getting hurt or rejected.

Addicts of all kinds, including sex addicts have difficulty being real in their relating to people including a significant other. They typically have early experiences in their family of origin that failed to produce a secure attachment to their caregivers. These may take the form of neglect, abuse, abandonment or the absence of an appropriately nurturing caregiver. Addictive behaviors are a way to adapt that does not depend on another person for comfort or support. If other people are involved in the addictive behavior, it is because they facilitate or support the addict using a drug or behavior with which to distract, stimulate or soothe themselves.

Because of their early life experiences, addicts are afraid of intimacy. Addicts prefer to avoid getting close beyond a certain point. Addicts view intimacy as potentially painful. Addicts often view intimacy as an inherently painful experience. This may be all they know from experience and all they have ever observed growing up. Many addicts would much prefer physical pain to the emotional pain they might experience in an intimate relationship. Often they learned early to be careful and self conscious around people.

Addicts will often avoid even close friendships or social situations because they anticipate having to play a role. The strength required for intimacy is a strong sense of self and self worth. This is the strength that neutralizes all the fears that make the addict run from intimacy. Gaining these skills involves a combination of not only addiction treatment and therapy but assertion training, which involves de-conditioning what is essentially a phobic reaction to being emotionally honest and practice with basic relationship and communication skills. Learning to be stronger is what allows us to be vulnerable in relationships.

And this vulnerability is a sign of strength. This is one of the best summaries of what intimacy is that I have ever read. All of the material on your website is excellent as well. This is a subject that continues to fascinate me.

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