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The 90s felt so good that some of us never left. We’re still there, wearing Converse All-Teenage sex comedies, drinking blackcurrant Hooch and listening to Natalie Imbruglia.

When we zone out in the monthly budgetary planning meeting, we’re doodling band logos and daydreaming about Alicia Silverstone in that Aerosmith video. This Friday welcomes new nineties-set high school comedy Everything Sucks! A sweet comedy set in the real-life town of Boring, Oregon in 1996, it’s the story of two outsider kids Luke and Kate, a would-be filmmaker and the principal’s daughter. Before Chris O’Dowd started popping up all over US TV and film, he co-wrote Moone Boy with Nick Vincent Murphy. Steve Coogan, Sharon Horgan, Johnny Vegas, and even, yes, Sir Terry Wogan.

The only silver lining of the dark, dark cloud that is Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt. 23’s premature cancellation is that it freed up creator Nahnatchka Khan to work on Fresh Off The Boat. Based loosely on the memoir of US chef and broadcaster Eddie Huang, Fresh Off The Boat is a sharp comedy about the immigrant experience in America. The first season is set between 1995 and 1997 and charts Huang’s Taiwanese-American family as they resettle from cosmopolitan Washington D.

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