The health benefits of sex

Sex and touch in general can improve long-term intimacy in a relationship both in and out of the bedroom, including greater regard for each other and motivation to make each other happy. Some experts believe less sex in relationships can result in less positive affection toward one another and sometimes anger, emotional detachment, or infidelity. Having sex has been shown to improve memory recall and general cognition, or brain power, in older adults. The health benefits of sex could be down to your body producing more of the pleasure hormone, dopamine.

Going through a long dry patch could leave you less focused, so you should try other ways to boost your brain, such as ensuring that you get enough sleep and exercise. A recent study found that American adults had sex nine fewer times per year in the early 2010s than they did in the late 1990s. Research shows that couples who communicate well with each other are better able to navigate sex ruts, in turn boosting their happiness with each other. Less sex could result in more dissatisfaction in a relationship since partners may not be communicating about what they want and acting more like friends. Without sex you’ll need to rely on other forms of exercise to burn those extra calories. On average, sex lasts six minutes, during which an average man in his 30s would burn 21 calories. Research has shown a link between how often you have sex and how strong your immune system is.

Sex once or twice a week was shown to increase one aspect of immunity in college students. Try other known tips to keep your body fighting tough: avoid smoking, exercise regularly, eat fruit and veg, and sleep well. The ability of sex to make you feel happier leveled off at once a week in a recent study. Those who said they did the deed four or more times a week did not report feeling any happier. Sex releases the hormones oxytocin and prolactin and decreases the stress hormone, cortisol, resulting in deeper sleep. For people who are sexually active, a sex drought can worsen sleep, since the body does not release relaxation hormones like oxytocin and stress levels may remain high.

Women over 50 who get under seven hours sleep most nights report being less sexually active. In college students, every extra hour of sleep correlated with greater sexual desire, studies show. Sex during a headache or migraine has been shown to provide relief and sometimes stop them. However, for some people, sex can trigger them. Painkillers, a hot or cold compress, or simply resting are the main options for headache and migraine relief. A Clinical Study of Sitting vs. Protects the nerves that control the prostate, bladder and uterus from becoming stretched and damaged.

Securely seals the ileocecal valve, between the colon and the small intestine. In the conventional sitting position, this valve is unsupported and often leaks during evacuation, contaminating the small intestine. Relaxes the puborectalis muscle which normally chokes the rectum in order to maintain continence. Uses the thighs to support the colon and prevent straining. Chronic straining on the toilet can cause hernias, diverticulosis, and pelvic organ prolapse. A highly effective, non-invasive treatment for hemorrhoids, as shown by published clinical research. For pregnant women, squatting avoids pressure on the uterus when using the toilet.

Daily squatting helps prepare one for a more natural delivery. Its Effect on Anal Continence, Diseases of the Colon and Rectum 1966: 9, 449-452. Infants of every culture instinctively squat to relieve themselves. And this is the way our ancestors performed their bodily functions until the middle of the 19th century.

Before that time, chair-like toilets had only been used by royalty and the disabled. But with the advent of indoor plumbing in the 1800’s, the throne-like water closet was invented 22   to give ordinary people the same “dignity” previously reserved for kings and queens. Pictures of ancient public toilets tend to confuse westerners, who assume that they were used in the sitting position. This impression is often reinforced by the pose of a comical tourist. But, in reality, these are squat toilets.

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