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Also commonly referred to as Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, Vampire Academy is an American fantasy horror film created as a satire on vampires, and released in the year 2014. The movie is based on a 2007 bestselling novel having the same name and written by Richelle Mead. Its script vampire sex written by Daniel Waters and the direction was done by Mark Waters.

The star cast included artists like Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovski and Zoey Deutch, playing the lead roles. The story begins one year after the two had escaped their boarding school facility at St Vladimir’s Academy after having received a number of threats and warnings. They get soon dragged into the Academy at Montana, only to discover the extremely dangerous hierarchy existing there, apart from several secrets, rumors and lies. Both have a hard time fitting into and co-existing with all the school politics. Several secretive messages start appearing as a threat to Lissa, with many of them written on the walls with blood and an explosive memorial for her family inside the school church.

Andre had always been popular for his Casanova image and had enjoyed many noncommittal relationships with several women. Lissa, but Rose somehow manages to keep Lissa away from him by lying to both Christian as well as Lissa. The same time, Mia, along with her two compatriots leave regular nasty notes for Lissa, threatening her safety by popping up dead animals wherever she goes. They kill her beloved pet cat Oscar too. Rose takes on Mia during the Equinox dance, being sure that it is she who is responsible for trying to scare Lissa with all the dead animals as well as the threatening notes. He is one of the previous contenders for the throne, who had gotten a disease leaving him too fragile and weak for the job.

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