Verses about sex

You got your Jesus in my hamburger! 20, Verses about sex-n-Out has long been Badmouth’s favorite fast-food establishment.

But the secrets of In-n-Out don’t stop at the menu. Sharp-eyed patrons have noticed that there are biblical passages inscribed on the wrappers of In-n-Out’s burgers, sodas and milkshakes. Can a Double-Double technically take the place of a Communion Wafer? We’ll attempt to answer these and other pertinent questions on the following pages.

Why are there biblical passages on he fast food wrappers at In-n-Out? In-n-Out is a privately held corporation. They are still completely owned by the Snyder family. And the Snyder family is down with the G. The Snyders can do this because they own In-n-Out lock, stock and barrel — and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Since the Snyders own the entire chain and have refused to franchise, they don’t only get to slip Bible passages into your cheeseburgers.

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